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Honest GoDaddy Review

When I first started out building my own website I was puzzled by the amount of web hosting providers out there. It’s no surprise that people tend to choose the most reputable providers, thinking they will represent the best value and quality. However, as I have found out that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m hoping to expose that GoDaddy is not all that great in this Honest GoDaddy Review.

Honest GoDaddy Review

Just as you when I searched for web hosting providers GoDaddy was one of the first hits. No wonder, they have been in business for a long time and they are a huge company at this point. Therefore, just a like a good soldier I signed up and enjoyed their service for a few months. Until I found out that positive picture you image that GoDaddy is so great is not whatsoever. There are also very few Honest GoDaddy Reviews out there as people are giving fake opinions just for the affiliate commission. As you see there is no affiliate link in this article.

The Positives

To be fair, until you know any better GoDaddy is a good provider. You will get it what you pay for and their stability is unparalleled for all their services. Their website is well designed for beginners and everything is explained. They will hold your hand all the way until you have a website, which is great. Not only that, they have tons of custom features that other hosting providers do not have like a domain auction, various memberships, etc…

There is only one catch. All of those features are completely useless for a beginner and a waste of money.

The Negatives

Where do I begin? GoDaddy is extremely overpriced. It doesn’t help that their default currency is GBP to make it seem like everything is cheaper. They are the only provider that actually does this, and I don’t like it. They charge for services that are free everywhere else. Also, the way they bundle products is also very dishonest.

Their support is quite average and most likely it’s outsourced to a secondary company. However, I have seen worse support.

Their servers are oversold and they just reseller AWS if I’m not mistaken (this might have changed lately though).


If you are a beginner GoDaddy is not a bad option. And you will probably choose them. Simply because you found them first when searching for a web hosting provider. But there are thousands if not tens of thousands of providers out there, from small to big that offer a better value proposition. I will create reviews for them as well!

I hope this Honest GoDaddy Review rant helped you understand that GoDaddy is not the best provider, despite how it may look. This is only my opinion so don’t take my word for it and try GoDaddy for yourself!

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