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Honest Namecheap hosting review

We have used NameCheap.com hosting for a couple of projects during the festive season and monitored the system performance, how support performs and how easy to use the interface is. So, here’s an honest review on NameCheap hosting services.

To give a short intro about Namecheap, they were founded back in 2000 and have over 3 million customers.

They may run the company under the name ‘Namecheap’ (pun intended). But to be honest, there are many other domain & hosting providers who provide cheaper prices & renewals. But Namecheap is probably the best of the lot!

Here’s why:

I recommended

I always recommend namecheap.com to my friends who are new to the website making world, the service they provided i.e support was out of this world. They actually configure the nameservers for him, which is very important and worth the money I’d say. When I did the same with my other hosting service (name can’t be disclosed) they just sent a help video which makes no sense to new people entering the blogging world.

The technical part :

I used the Stellar plan which costs $15.44 for the first year and $30.88 for renewals. This hosting plan provides 20GB SSD storage, Unmetered bandwidth, up to 3 domains in the US or UK datacenter. I have used Namecheap for my alternate websites right from 2015 to present day and I have had no major problems considering the support they provide. I keep emphasizing on support because, for any hosting company, support is one thing that many hosting companies lack and I’d rate Namecheap a 10/10. They also provide attractive discounts often if you buy a domain with them & recently they even provided free domain transfers.

Any shared hosting comes with free SSL for a year, but later it is charged $8 per year. The downtime is close to none and the hosting is solid if you optimize your website well, which in turn results in amazing loading speed considering it’s shared hosting.

Conclusion :

Namecheap is the best hosting company for most beginners, the name might not be as familiar as GoDaddy or BlueHost but this company is always on my recommendations list. Hope this review gave you an idea on where to start as a beginner, as Shared is the first option in hosting as Dedicated hosting & VPS comes in a later phase for any blogger.

This is purely a personal review.

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